Making Your Appointment and Pricing...…


1 hour massage: $60

90 minute massage:  $90

2 hour massage:  $120

Reiki = $75 for Adults; $50 for children (18 and under)

To make your appointment, please call (920) 834-2324





Cancellation Policy:




The only thing I ask is to please treat me the way you would like others to treat you.  I understand that things happen and you may need to cancel at the last minute.  If this happens, please call me or text me to let me know.




















Energetic Bodywork


One 60 minute Session - $50


Sessions can run up to 2 hours each.  Most sessions run about 90 minutes to 2 hours in length.

Massage Therapy


1 hour Session - $50


1 1/2 hr Session  $75


2hr session $90


****Please note, first appointment can take up to 2 hours.