Why Energetic Bodywork?

(also known as Reiki)




Everything is energy, including our bodies.


Energy runs through our bodies in such a way that it helps the body maintain homeostasis (natural balance).  When energies become stagnant, blocked or unbalanced, homeostasis is harder to achieve and sustain.  This unbalance can promote dis-ease and pain.


Energetic Bodywork addresses your Subtle body; the energetic centers and systems of your mental, emotional, and physical structures.  Energetic Bodywork is like massage therapy for your Soul and Spirit.  It helps to balance and clear energies around your emotions, thoughts, and physical pain, as well as your chakras and auric fields.  It promotes healing at a deeper level.  It's subtle, gentle work that leaves you soothed, relaxed, and with greater clarity on all levels.




What kind of BENEFITS can I receive from Energetic Bodywork?


My honest answer about this is "What you believe is what you perceive".  I have seen all kinds of amazing recoveries and experiences with bodywork.  As long as you are honest with yourself about looking at your shadows and your feelings, you can acheive whatever you need to move forward in your life.  The only one who really holds you back is you.  No matter what you think you are or aren't, you are correct. 



Energy work is my passion.  I have watched this work change lives.  I have seen people that struggle with repetative situations in their lives to people who are ready to end it all.  I have witnessed miracles in this work.  Things that have absolutely no way to be explained.   The emotions that you feel you can't let go of are the ones that you are allowing to run your life and create your reality.  They eventually can become physical pain, mental anguish, anxiety, disease, etc.  Sometimes these emotions may be the result of the death of a family member, a traumatic experience you have endured, choices you have made that you are having trouble living with, the feeling of not belonging, or not being enough.  These "Stresses" are carried around in our energetic field has heavy energies that not only weigh us down physically, but mentally as well. 


Energy work can be effective for all age groups and even animals.  It can also be effective for all kinds of conditions, such as (but not limited to): Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, depression, grief, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), insomnia, anxiety, pain management, relaxation, stress release, restore balance, encourages post-operative healing.  Perhaps the best effect of energy work?  It will be the most peaceful 60 minutes of your week. 









Energetic Bodywork is performed with the client completely clothed and covered on a massage table.  The client states their intention for the session while closing their eyes and relaxes as the practitioner moves around the body, channeling divine energy into areas that show themselves in relation to the clients intention.   During this time, there is usually no talking between the client and practitioner, and the client may meditate or even fall asleep.  Sessions can last up to 2 hours. If you don't have an intention for the session, that is fine too!  Your Spirit always knows how to help you!